The third season
of this resilient greenscreen
action series debuts
with the end of the
three-part Kali adventure
that saw Dr. Will Zimmerman
(Robin Dunne) try to
save the world with a Bollywood
dance number in

Kali, the giant “Abnormal”
spider with immense
powers, may not
be the only such creature
with symbiotic ties to
other life forms and natural
events. Will, meanwhile, struggles with lingering
aftereffects of his encounter with Kali — prompting
an unusual degree of slack being cut him by Dr.
Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping), the head of the
Abnormal-protecting Sanctuary.

The core team returns, including Abnormal allies
Henry (Ryan Robbins) and the “Big Guy” (Christopher
Heyerdahl), along with Kate (Agam Darshi),
whose Indian roots spiced up the Mumbai escapade.

Sanctuary (with WWE SmackDown as a new lead-in)
keeps the Syfy Friday flame lit.