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RTDNF Names 9/11 Tribute Award Winners

The Radio-Television Digital News Foundation has named nine recipients of a Tenth Anniversary 9/11 Tribute Award it is giving out March 10 at its Annual First Amendment Awards Dinner in Washington.

The award is for journalists who covered the terrorist attacks "with essential and intrepid reporting."

The winners are Martha Raddatz, ABC News Chief White House correspondent, ABC; Ann Compton, national correspondent, ABC News Radio; Warren Levinson, AP correspondent, AP Radio; Byron Pitts, chief national correspondent, CBS; Charlie Kaye, executive producer, CBS Radio; Jeanne Meserve, CNN Homeland Security correspondent, CNN; Rick Leventhal, correspondent, Fox News; Rehema Ellis, NBC News correspondent, NBC; Melissa Block, host of "All Things Considered," NPR.

"We wanted to be sure that we could honor the scores of journalists who risked their own personal safety to cover those attacks so the American people would know what was happening," said RTDNF Chairman Stacey Woelfel in announcing the winners. "We will bring together a small group of those journalists to step into the spotlight and be recognized for their work, knowing each of them represents hundreds more who worked just as hard to report that story at a time when it was very hard to tell."

Also being honored at the dinner is David Barrett, president & CEO, Hearst Television Inc., who is getting the First Amendment Leadership Award; Wolf Blitzer of CNN, who is receiving the Leonard Zeidenberg First Amendment Award, named after the former B&C senior correspondent; and Susana Schuler, VP of news, for Raycom, with the First Amendment Award.