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Rosenworcel: 'Pro-Sinclair' FCC Policies Deserve Investigating

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel told Congress that the FCC under chair Ajit Pai has been taking actions that appear to favor Sinclair Broadcasting, and suggested that needs investigating.

Rosenworcel was asked to weigh in during an FCC oversight hearing in the House Communications Subcommittee Wednesday (Oct. 25), and she did not hesitate.

She said she was concerned that the FCC's recent policy decisions, from restoring the UHF discount to "foisting" on American households a new broadcast standard (ATSC 3.0) for which Sinclair has patents, seemed to serve Sinclair's business plans.

"I think it has reached a point where all our media policy decisions seem to be custom built for this one company, and I think it merits investigation," she said.

"That is a pretty strong statement," responded Rep. Jerry McNerney (D-Calif.), who clearly shared her concern.