Rooster Teeth Sets Exclusive Series for go90

Rooster Teeth, a digital content specialist that recently took a bigger bit into the world of SVOD, is diving deeper into the free, ad-based world of OTT with an exclusive series for Verizon’s go90 service.

What Do You Know?, a series billed as a “comedic roundtable” hosted by Rooster Teeth co-founder and personality Joel Heyman, is slated to premiere exclusively on go90 on Jan. 30.

The 24-episode series will premiere new 30-minute episodes each Monday, Wednesday and Friday on go90, the free, ad-based OTT service from Verizon that launched in October 2015 and is geared for younger audiences.

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Rooster Teeth said Heyman will be joined by other Rooster Teeth personalities such as Barbara Dunkelman and Ashley Jenkins, comedians and experts to discuss topics ranging from robots, online trolling, genetic engineering, catfishing, time travel, urban legends and augmented and virtual reality.

“You know that friend in your circle that seems to have endless reams of useless knowledge stored away in their head? We’re hoping to make every viewer into a version of that guy with this new show,” Heyman said in a statement.

Rooster Teeth said it has a global footprint that includes more than 28 million subs on its YouTube network, 3 million visitors to its hub and 1.8 million registered members.

In July, Rooster Teeth launched a two-pronged subscription strategy designed to appeal to its current base of fans as well as subset of “super fans” who are willing to pay a heftier premium for VIP tickets to events, merchandise and other ancillary perks and benefits.

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