Roku Tunes in Sky Angel

Sky Angel’s Faith Everywhere package of more than 30 live TV channels plus a library of VOD fare is now available on Roku streaming players.

The Faith Everywhere package runs $14.95 per month, offering access to channels such as TBN, Spirit Television, INSP, CatholicTV, The Word Network, The Oldie Goldie Network, and BlueHighways TV.

The deal gives Sky Angel’s subscription, over-the-top service access to about 5 million Roku devices shipped in the U.S. so far. Sky Angel is offering prospective customers a 48-hour free trial. Sky Angel also offers subscription packages and bundles that deliver live TV and VOD to PC Web browsers and iPads.

"The Roku platform will give Sky Angel customers a new way to enjoy the faith-inspired channels that they love and have come to expect from Sky Angel," said Sky Angel U.S. president and COO Tom Scott, in a statement.

Sky Angel once delivered its services via a hybrid satellite/Internet platform, but went pure over-the-top in 2008. That decision has led to friction with some programmers.  

Sky Angel hit C-SPAN with an antitrust suit in November 2012, alleging that the public affairs network improperly withdrew programming from the distributor in 2009 at the direction of a board made up of cable operators that dominated the video distribution market and colluded to put Sky Angel at a competitive disadvantage. On Monday, a District Court dismissed Sky Angel’s antitrust suit against C-SPAN without prejudice, though it appears that Sky Angel could refile its complaint.

- John Eggerton contributed to this report.