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Roku Making It Easier To Find Signs of Live Streaming Channels

Roku Live Zone
(Image credit: Roku)

Roku, noting demand for live programming including news on its platform, said it has added  a Live TV Zone to the menu on its devices.

The Live TV Zone offers viewers access to more than 200 free live linear television channels through its Live TV Channel Guide. The channels span a range of genres, including news, sports, lifestyle, family and kids.

Roku noted that one of its recent survey found that 61% of users without traditional pay TV still watch live news multiple times a week. 

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“This update will give users direct access to live entertainment in just a few clicks,” Roku said.

The Live TV Zone also provides easy access to the virtual MVPDs some viewers use as a substitute for cable, including Hulu, fuboTV, Philo, Slight and YouTube TV.

The moves come against a bigger picture at Roku in which another stock analyst warned that Roku faces too much competition. Roku also announced that one of its key executives, Scott Rosenberg, senior VP and general manager of Roku’s platform business, will be leaving the company this spring. ■