Roku: 5 Million Streamers Sold in the US

Roku has sold 5 million streaming video players in the U.S., a milestone that comes almost five years after the startup introduced its first model, company CEO Anthony Wood revealed on the company's blog

To offer some perspective on the rate of sales lately, Roku noted in press release in January 2012 that it had delivered about 2.5 million streaming players domestically.  Roku also sells products in Canada and the U.K., but has not released those sales numbers.  

Roku cut its teeth as a Netflix-focused streaming device, but now supports about 750 apps – or "channels" in Roku parlance – these days.  In addition to streaming in content from pure over-the-top providers, Roku's also been focused on delivering authenticated premium content from sources such as HBO GO and, earlier this year, introduced an app that lets Time Warner Cable subs access VoD as well as stream up to 300 live, linear channels from the TWC TV service. 

Wood noted that 25% of Roku players stream more than 35 hours per week to a TV, and that the company has delivered 8 billion streams of video and music to its devices since 2008.  Roku data also shows that the top Roku streaming cities/regions are: Lexington, Ky.; Salt Lake City; Utah; Seattle, Wash.; Atlanta, Ga.; and the San Francisco Bay area.

Roku launched a speedier, third generation device in March, telling Mutlichannel  News at the time that the company would surpass the 5 million shipment mark during the current quarter.  The 1080p-capable Roku 3 costs $99.99 and includes a remote with a headphone jack for private listening.