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Rockefeller, Waxman 'Disappointed' In Verizon

The top Democrats on the House and Senate Commerce
Committees, which oversee the FCC, Friday said they were 'disappointed' that
Verizon had chosen to challenge the FCC's new network neutrality rules in

"Verizon has the legal right to do this, but we are
disappointed that they filed suit," said Senate Commerce Committee Chair
Jay Rockefeller and ranking House Energy & Commerce Committee member Henry
Waxman in a joint statement. "We support the FCC's efforts because they
will protect consumers and provide companies with the certainty they need to
make investments in our growing digital economy."

Their opposite numbers on the Republican side of the aislegave a shout-out Thursday afternoon to the telco after it told a D.C.
federal appeals court that the FCC's expansion and codification of network
neutrality guidelines was an unconstitutional, arbitrary and capricious
regulatory overreach that the court should reject, as it did the FCC's finding
that Comcast's blocking of BitTorrent file uploads violated those