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RNC Seeks Online Denunciation of CNBC

The Republican National Committee says it has gotten almost 25,000 signatures on an online petition it says is meant to put the "mainstream media" on notice that it won't put up with any "biased questions" at future debates.

The RNC is still riled over the moderators at the CNBC debate, whose questions the committee said did a "disservice to candidates and voters."

The RNC suspended its plans to team with Telemundo—co-owned with NBC—on a Feb. 26 debate from the University of Houston following last week's CNBC debate, though it was still on the RNC's online debate calendar at press time.

"Stand up to Media Bias: Denounce CNBC's Handling of the Debate, the RNC said on its Website asking surfers to sign the petition.

CNBC has defended its moderators, saying presidential candidates should be able to handle tough questions.