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RNC Polls Trump Supporters to Help Pick Cabinet

The Republican National Committee is asking supporters of presidential candidate Donald Trump to help him pick his cabinet.

In an email Wednesday, only hours before the last presidential debate, Republican National Committee cochair Sharon Day said the RNC was surveying "our strongest supporters" on who they would like to see help Trump "Make America Great Again."

That email linked to an online survey where those supporters could fill in the boxes with names for secretaries of State, Homeland Security, HHS, Labor, Treasury, Defense and Veterans Affairs, as well as Attorney General and Chief of Staff.

The caveat was that Day only wanted responses "to those positions for which you can name the most qualified candidate."

"Please take the President Trump Administration Survey to give your preference on who Donald Trump should appoint to cabinet-level positions," the email said.

"Donald Trump worked with conservative leaders to compile a list of 21 names of potential Supreme Court justices to replace the late Justice Scalia. And now he’s turning to leaders within our movement to help him develop a list of candidates to serve in his administration."