RLTV Airs Final On-Air Cronkite Footage As Part Of Tribute

Retirement Living TV, the only network dedicated to the 50+ set, salutes the contributions made to journalism by Walter Cronkite, who died on July 17.

To honor his legacy spanning six decades, RLTV, which in recent years has been running a series of editorials dubbed "Cronkite Commentaries," is airing The Most Trusted Man in America, an original tribute, which includes his final on-air appearance, throughout Sunday July 19 and Monday July 20.
"We mourn the loss of Walter - not only as someone who helped create our network, but as a friend. He was an international legend who quickly became one of our most trusted sources and a mentor to us all," said RLTV founder and executive chairman John Erickson. "We take great pride in the fact that we have his final moments on air - it has a bittersweet sentiment that will forever resonate."
In addition to "Cronkite Commentaries," the late newsman is also celebrated for his role in founding RLTV.