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Review: Syfy's 'Eureka'

Usually, these reviews are for series
starts. This one’s for a series ending. Eureka,
the dramedy about a secret community of inventive
geniuses that paved the way for Syfy’s bigger
scripted hit, Warehouse 13, was canceled a year
ago just as producers were filming
a cliff-hanging fifth-season
ender. As recompense, the
network OK’d a hastily-produced
new finale. Co-creator Jaime
Paglia said in April that it turned
out well, and it did.

The government’s decided to shut down
Eureka, accidentally causing randomly dangerous
wormholes. The scientists and sheriff Jack
Carter, played by Colin Ferguson, have to save
the world (again) at the same time they are wondering
if Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra) and Zane Donovan
(Niall Matter) will leave town separately or as
a couple and what will happen with Fargo (Neil
Grayston) and his restored-to-life girlfriend, Holly
(Felicia Day), among other interpersonal stuff.

There are fun cameos for Eureka fans — and
one for Mythbusters fans. There’s a Wizard of Oz like
montage as Carter’s life flashes before him.
Actors from seasons past show up, including a
late surprise. Ferguson gets a signature pratfall
in, and Salli Richardson-Whitfield (Dr. Allison
Blake) gets to wear a dress worth waiting 77
episodes for. It’s Eureka, but, to reference an FX
show, it’s also Charming.