Review: Oxygen's 'The World According To Paris'

Paris Hilton is back, but not in the
same way, at least according to her. Oxygen will
be premiering yet another Hilton reality show,
appropriately titled The World According to Paris,
but with a seemingly different twist.

“When I did The Simple Life, I was playing a
character that I created,” Hilton explained on
Entertainment Tonight. “I had to continue doing
that character, so I think people assume that’s
how I am.”

Oxygen promises an “unprecedented voyeuristic
glimpse into Paris’s real life, beyond what we
see in the tabloids.” However, Hilton’s real life
proves to be frighteningly close to the “character”
she created on The Simple Life.

Viewers are driven through Hilton’s glamorous
life in a pink Rolls Royce (of course) and are
given an even deeper insight into the
predictable trials and tribulations of a hotel
heiress. Narrated by Paris Hilton’s sometimes
funny and mostly pretentious inner thoughts,
she juggles dealing with a personal assistant
with a knack for writing pornography scripts,
obsessive stalkers and ex-boyfriends, community-service stunts, all while strutting in
Christian Louboutin heels and wearing designer

Viewers are also introduced to the important
people in Hilton’s life; Kathy Hilton co-stars
along with celebrity friend Brooke Mueller and
Paris’s new boyfriend, Cy Waits. Future episodes
depict Mueller dealing with her newfound
sobriety and divorce issues, and Hilton’s developing
relationship with her boyfriend.

The opening credits boast of Hilton’s career,
as a designer/actress/singer/author, but nowhere
in the episode is Hilton seen in a studio
or even at a book signing.

So far, the show isn’t anything unprecedented,
and fans of Hilton’s off-handed humor
and valley-girl charm won’t be disappointed.
Viewers interested in seeing a unique side to
Hilton will have to cross their fingers, though;
the likelihood isn’t too promising.

The World According to Paris bows on Oxygen, Wednesday, June 1, at 10 p.m.