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Review: 'Odd Mom Out'

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Bravo takes a stab at the sitcom with Odd Mom Out.

The series stars comedian Jill Kargman as reluctant socialite Jill Weber, caught between the trappings of New York’s rich-and-famous residents and a desire to live a “normal” life with her husband, Andy (Andy Buckley), and their three kids.

The first two (of 10) episodes follow Jill as she struggles to get her children into an exclusive private school alongside those of her more well-off neighbors, who tend to look down at her and her husband despite their financially comfortable lifestyle. Adding to her angst are Andy’s brother Lex (Sean Kleier), a multimillionaire who just closed a major deal to bring bagels to China; Lex’s pampered wife, Brooke (Abby Elliott), who looks fit and trim despite being eight months pregnant; and Andy’s mother, Candace (Joanna Cassidy), who can’t help but take pot shots at Jill’s attempts to fi t in with New York’s high society.

Keeping Jill balanced is her best friend, Vanessa (K.K. Glick), who is doing well in her own right as an ER doctor.

The show’s strength is in the quick and smart dialogue between Jill and her circle of high-society snobs, as well as the internal battle she faces in wanting to shun the high society life but at the same time embracing some of its entitlements and pleasures. In one scene, she reluctantly goes to a high-end day spa with Candace and Brooke, only to be enthralled by the comforts that such an experience can provide.

Odd Mom Out fits in well with Bravo’s lineup of female-targeted reality content. While not quite a scripted version of the network’s popular Housewives franchise, it should resonate with the network’s core 18-49 female viewers.

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