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Review: 'How Bruce Lee Changed The World'

Thirty-five years after his untimely death, Bruce Lee is still considered the pioneer of the martial-arts film genre.
But is he the father of today's popular mixed-martial-arts movement? Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White says he is, as part of History's fascinating two-hour documentary How Bruce Lee Changed the World. (Check out a clip here.)
While Lee's life, martial-arts teachings and movie career have been the subject of many documentaries through the years, this project takes a unique approach to the Enter the Dragon star as it seeks to prove how Lee's persona and teachings continue to influence current movements in several areas including the martial arts, action movies, music, creative arts and fitness.
Deftly threading vintage Lee film footage with interviews with Lee's ex-wife and daughter - as well as celebrities ranging from hip-hop artist LL Cool J to UFC's White to Rush Hour director Brett Rattner - the documentary paints a portrait of a man whose influence continues to extend well beyond the big screen.
While the documentary labors at times trying to prove its various points, fans of Lee will enjoy revisiting the life of one of the world's true global icons.
How Bruce Lee Changed the World premieres on History on Sunday, May 17 at 8 p.m.