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Review: Home Before Dark

Apple TV+ continues its original scripted series rollout series with a new and compelling mystery drama, Home Before Dark.

'Home Before Dark'

'Home Before Dark'

The series follows a young female protagonist Hilde Lisko (Brooklynn Prince), who at 9 years old is a dedicated reporter who prints her own news publication from her Brooklyn home with the help of her journalist father Matthew (Jim Sturgess). When Matthew loses his newspaper job, the family is forced to move cross-country to Erie Harbor, the small town where Matthew grew up.

Very quickly, Hilde realizes that life in a small town is a lot different and more secretive than the bustling confines of New York. As Hilde looks to settle in, a mysterious death occurs in the town. Soon afterwards Hilde launches an online publication that speculates on the circumstances surrounding the death, but it’s met with ridicule by most. Hilde is chastised for disseminating fake and fraudulent news by her classmates and local police authorities.

Undeterred, Hilde continues her search for the truth and begins to uncover not only evidence that could undermine local authorities, but also unearth a cold case that the townspeople tried to bury. When it becomes clear that her father could be part of the coverup, Hilde enlists the help of a local police officer (Aziza Scott) to try to solve the mystery.

Home Before Dark is inspired by the reporting of real-life young investigative journalist Hilde Lysiak, and offers a smart portrayal of a mystery from a perspective not often shown on television. Viewers will automatically recognize the father-daughter bond between Hilde and Matthew while being drawn into the twists and turns of the mystery engulfing Erie Harbor that builds throughout the 10-episode series. Apple TV+, which will stream the first three episodes on the show’s premiere date, has already renewed Home Before Dark for a second season.