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Review: Cherish the Day

OWN and producer Ava DuVernay have teamed up again to develop a unique, scripted drama series, Cherish the Day.

OWN's 'Cherish the Day'

OWN's 'Cherish the Day'

The anthology series follows the exploits of an African-American couple, with each episode representing a day in that couple’s life. Season one stars Xosha Roquemore (The Mindy Project) as Gently James and Alano Miller (Underground) as Evan Fisher, two young, attractive people who unexpectedly meet at a Los Angeles library while on line to check out books. Evan intercedes in a dispute between Gently and the librarian regarding overdue book fees, and both instantly recognize the chemistry they have for one another.

The series takes its time in building up the romance between the strong-willed Gently and the more conservative Evan. In the pilot episode, the two quickly get to know each other over a long drive as Gently seeks to find a used refrigerator to replace her leaky one. But just as quickly as they hit it off, their differing personalities begin to clash, causing the growing pains typical of budding relationships.

The two work their way towards love, and over the next seven episodes, DuVernay and OWN take viewers through five years of their lives. The series provides an authentic, three-dimensional look at the characters and offers a true and engaging snapshot of love’s complexities and beauty. And the series doesn’t shy away from showing the steamy, intimate aspects of love and relationships.

Also starring in Cherish the Day is Cicely Tyson, who turns in a compelling performance as Miss Luma Lee Langston, a renowned former actress who Gently takes care of as her live-in assistant; Anne Marie Johnson, who plays Evan’s mother; and Michael Beach, who plays Gently’s foster father Ben.

DuVernay and OWN previously partnered on Queen Sugar. OWN has looked to create compelling original content around the subject of “Black Love,” and Cherish the Day certainly hits the mark.