Review: 'Aaron Stone'

Charlie Landers' conversion from teenaged online gamer to real-life superhero marks another conversion of sorts. That's because the network premiere of live-action series Aaron Stone helps usher in the rebranding of the Toon Disney channel as Disney XD.
While the Disney Channel's success is fueled largely by girl-targeted shows such as Hannah Montana, Disney XD is going after boys ages 6-14, with a mix of action, gaming, tech, music and sports - all of which, to some degree, are part of the mix in Stone.
Landers (Kelly Blatz) may not be able to score the winning hoop for his school basketball team, but he (or rather, his avatar "Aaron Stone") is reigning champ of the popular online game "Hero Rising." Unbeknownst to its players, "Hero Rising" is a reclusive billionaire's covert training ground to recruit real-life secret agents. Outfitted with gadgetry and an android sidekick, Landers soon finds himself called upon to foil a supervillain's plot for world domination.
Created by Bruce Kalish, the series breaks no new ground but delivers a likable entertainment that should strike a chord with fans of young superhero shows such as Cartoon Network's Ben 10.
Disney XD officially goes live at midnight on Feb. 13 with the animated show Phineas and Ferb.
Aaron Stone premieres on Disney Channel, Friday, Feb. 13 at 7 p.m., before joining Disney XD, the former Toon Disney.