Revamped Cinémoi Now Part of Verizon FiOS Lineup

Cinémoi has enhanced its programming lineup, following its recent launch on Verizon FiOS.

The network, which bowed on the telco’s channel 236 late last month, features curated films from around the globe, while also training its lenses on high couture festivals.

U.S. viewers can enjoy daily afternoon and evening movies, primarily in English, under such headings as CineEpics, CineFemmeFatale, CineDramas, CineRomance and CineMidnight, to CineFilmNoir, CineBioDocs, CineRebels, CineCouture and CineIcons.

Titles include such films as Contempt, the 50th anniversary with Brigitte Bardot and Jack Palance; Dangerous Beauty with Naomi Watts and Jacqueline Bisset; Roman Polanski’s Repulsion with Catherine Deneuve; Gilda and Lady from Shanghai, featuring Rita Hayworth; Two Lovers with Joaquin Phoenix; Redacted by Brian De Palma; Fellini: I’m A Born Liar by Damian Pettigrew; Alegria with Oscar-winner Frank Langella; and Five Easy Pieces with Jack Nicholson.

Cinémoi, which previously was carried by DirecTV, also goes behind the scenes of major global film festivals, notably Berlin, Cannes, London, Rio, Toronto, and Venice. In addition, the network on a weekly basis will premiere film festival winners in partnership with Film Festival Flix, as well as present interviews with the talent behind those movies and exclusive red carpet moments. Additionally, the network also screens Stars of the Silver Screen, a one-hour series spotlighting exclusive one-on-one interviews with top actors and filmmakers.  

Original CineCouture fare will also emanate from fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris, and visit with top chefs and restaurants under the CineCuisine banner.

Cinémoi Kids -- along with family-oriented movies in the afternoon, early evening and weekend slots -- features children’s morning programming daily, including Babar, Magic Roundabout, Jacques Cousteau’s Ocean Tales and Lucky Luke.

"We are excited to introduce Cinémoi into the homes of FiOS customers,” said Dan Bushansky, director of Verizon content strategy and acquisition. “Verizon continues to add unique, compelling content to FiOS, and Cinémoi is another example of our commitment to our customers.”  

Noted Cinémoi North America CEO Rod Sherwood: “We’re committed to offering high-quality entertainment with unparalleled style and elegance and believe that Cinémoi, once again, will become a network of choice for a breadth of American viewers, for those who fondly remember us from last year, new viewers who affectionately recall the Golden Age of Hollywood, and contemporary audiences.”