Retirement Living TV Calls Doyle

Retirement Living TV is adding It's Your Call with Lynn Doyle to its lineup.
For RLTV, the award-winning journalist, whose It's Your Call with Lynn Doyle continues to air on The Comcast Network, will recast the show's format, tailoring it toward its 55+plus target audience.
Doyle will make her RLTV bow on June 14 at 9 p.m. with the installment entitled "The Gores Split," examining late-life divorce. Doyle will explore the pros and cons of divorcing after decades of marriage.
"Lynn Doyle is exceptionally talented and her broad command of topics and intuitive interview style have appealed to viewers for years" said Elliot Jacobson, senior vice president programming and production, RLTV, in a statement. "We are very pleased to partner with The Comcast Network to offer a 55 + version of It's Your Call with Lynn Doyle to our expanding and discerning audience."
On June 21, Doyle will tackle Illegal Immigration by focusing on the controversial Arizona immigration law now in effect. The week after, she revisits the debate about the impact the pill has had on society in The Pill: 50 Years Later, and whether it gives women a choice and sexual freedom, or creates health risks and leads to promiscuity. In the following weeks, Doyle will cover issues relating to career and lifestyle transitions, the pitfalls and advantages of dating after 50, and more.
"Expanding the It's Your Call audience to now include RLTV will enhance the show's relevance and content because of the interactive nature of the show," said Doyle. "As baby boomers reach their retirement years, the 55+ consumer category continues to grow in influence and economic power, and this agreement allows us to further extend our connection with 55+ viewers."