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Republican Sticks Up For Broadcasters

Republican Rep. Jo Bonner (R-Ala.) has written the FCC to
ask Chairman Julius Genachowski for a more "even handed"
approach to spectrum policy.

Bonner said that millions rely on free over-the-air
television as the primary source of news and information. "I agree
that the greater broadband deployment is important," he said.
"However, in promoting broadband adoption, it is equally important that
Americans continue to receive the benefits promised by the DTV

Bonner pointed to the DTV transition and the
government's expenditures on converter boxes, saying that "Americans
should not lose reliable access to quality broadcast programming as a result of
spectrum policies that could reduce viewer reception of local stations.

The FCC has proposed allowing wireless companies to
share broadcast bandwidth and TV stations to share their channels as part of an
effort to reclaim spectrum for wireless broadband. Broadcasters are concerned
that could leave them with insufficient spectrum or picture quality to
offer completive digital services.