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Reports: Trump Mass Killing Video Played at Conservative Conference

According to various reports, allies at a conservative conference last week played a video using a doctored film clip to show the President appearing to commit mass murder in a church, the "Church of Fake News," with his victims, identified by logos, as most of the major media outlets he has called the enemy--CNN, CBS, CNBC NPR, ABC, Politico, The Hill--as well as Democratic opponents, are shot, stabbed, impaled and otherwise dispensed with. 

That is according to a New York Times story and a video available on YouTube identified by the Post as being shown by organizers--at a Trump property in Miami--of a conference at which former press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and First Son Donald Trump Jr. were in attendance.  

Current press secretary Stephanie Grisham tweeted Monday (Oct. 14) that the President has not seen the video, but condemns it based on what has been reported. 


The President has consistently attacked the mainstream media as "the enemy" out to unseat him in league with Democrats, leading journalist groups to warn that such language puts their profession at risk.