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Reports: House Investigating Holder Comments About Prosecution of Press

According to various reports, the House Judiciary Committee is investigating whether Attorney General Eric Holder was not telling the truth when he told the committee that he he had never been involved in the potential prosecution of the press and thought that was not "wise policy."

He was talking about Justice's obtaining of AP phone records in a lead investigation, from which Holder was recused since he was a material witness in the investigation.

But subsequently there were reports that 1) DOJ had gone after the records of a Fox reporter for another leak investigation, and 2) Holder had signed off on a warrant for those records that suggested the reporter was an accessory to the leak and had potentially broken the law.

The Washington Post reported that an FBI agent had characterized Fox News chief Washington correspondent James Rosen as a co-conspirator as it built a case against a State Department arms expert accused of leaking info to Rosen about intelligence on a North Korean nuclear test.

CNN reported Tuesday that Holder hoped to meet with news executives this week to talk about the issue.
President Obama last week instructed Holder to review Justice guidelines for investigations involving journalists, meet with news execs to hear their concerns and report back by July 12.