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Report: Trump Seeks Murdoch Input on FCC Chair

New York Magazine was reporting, citing a well placed source, that President-elect Donald Trump had asked News Corp. founder Rupert Murdoch to suggest some names for FCC chair.

Trump has had a love-hate relationship with News Corp.'s Fox News--somewhat in contrast to the hate-hate relationship with some other outlets, but the Fox news outlet most recently appeared to be in his better graces, according to the President-elect's Twitter feed, including pointing positively to a Fox interview with Wikileaks' Julian Assange earlier this week and this from Dec. 30: "Russians are playing @CNN and @NBCNews for such fools - funny to watch, they don't have a clue! @FoxNews totally gets it!"

The President-elect has yet to name an FCC nominee, or signal which of the two Republicans currently on the commission, senior Republican Ajit Pai and Michael O'Rielly, will serve as interim chair until his choice has been named, vetted and confirmed.

The Trump transition office had not returned an e-mail request for comment.