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Report: Pelosi Nixes State of Union for Now

Signaling the State remains in Dis-union, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi isn't going to allow the State of the Union address to be delivered in the House Chamber Tuesday (Jan. 29), according to CNN.

The cable news outlets, one of the President's favorite targets, reported that a Pelosi aide told them it wasn't happening.

Pelosi had told the President last week that the address would not happen until the government was re-opened, but following the President's announcement of a deal to reopen the government for three weeks under a continuing resolution, Pelosi said at a press conference Friday that there were not plans to reinstate the Jan. 29 date. An aide seconded that on Monday (Jan. 28).

Both Houses of Congress have to sign off on an invitation to the President if he wants to deliver the address in the chamber.

The President tweeted last week that was where he planned to deliver it, though he could opt for another venue, say, say outside Washington along the lines of his rallies. At least one state legislator suggested the President use their chamber.

The major broadcast and cable network news outlets, the ones the President generally brands enemies, traditionally give up network prime time to cover the speech and the Democratic response.

In fact, the President re-tweeted a comment from one of his favorite shows, Fox & Friends, Monday along familiar lines: