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Rep. King Calls on Fox, Cablevision to Keep Games on

Rep. Peter
King (R-NY) has asked both Fox and Cablevision to keep programming on
the air even if they cannot come to a retrans agreement, and in the
interim to submit to binding arbitration by a third

In a
statement Wednesday, he pointed in particular to the baseball
playoffs--the Yankees are in the league championship series--and "key
football games" in particular as programming he doe not want
interrupted or "pulled."

"I am
increasingly concerned that this deadline may pass without a resolution,
and Long Island consumers will lose their programming. This would be
an unconscionable result and unfair to sports and
programming fans who have no part in this fight," he said.

King said
arbitration "protects both parties' reasonable positions, ensures a
timely contract resolution, and protects consumers from becoming pawns
in a price battle between two businesses, both of
which are important to Long Island consumers."

FCC is getting regular updates from both sides as the Oct. 15 deadline
for a deal approaches, according to a commission spokesperson.