Redbox Kicks Up DVD Rental Fee To $1.20 Per Day

Coinstar's Redbox, which operates a network of brick-red DVD vending machines, will raise the daily rental fee of regular DVDs by 20%, to $1.20, effective Monday, Oct. 31.

The company said the price change is "based on an increase in operating costs, including higher debit card fees that went into effect October 1" in a message posted on its website.

Daily rental charges for Blu-ray Discs and video games will remain $1.50 and $2 per day, respectively. Also, additional-day charges for DVDs rented before Oct. 31 won't be affected.

"This marks our first price change in more than eight years as we work hard to keep prices low for our customers," Redbox said in an e-mail to customers Thursday.

From Oct. 31 to Nov. 30, Redbox will let customers reserve any DVD including new releases for $1 for the first day, although additional rental days will be $1.20 each.

Redbox's prices are higher in Maryland. The daily rental charge will be $1.27 in the state, while Blu-ray Discs are $1.59 per day and games are $2.12 per day.

Redbox is a wholly owned subsidiary of Coinstar. The Oakbrook Terrace, Ill.-based company has rented more than 1.5 billion DVDs to date through vending machines at more than 28,000 U.S. locations nationwide. Each vending machine holds up to 630 discs and 200 different titles.