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RCN Rolls Out Music Choice's SWRV

Music Choice’s interactive music video service has launched throughout RCN’s footprint.

SWRV, the interactive video network, is now available to RCN’s digital cable TV subscribers in Boston, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. Under the deal, terms of which were not disclosed, SWRV is available in standard-definition to Premiere Tier subs on channel 1903 in the Lehigh Valley and 852 in the other markets.

RCN, which has been carrying Music Choice’s suite of diverse genre channels, joins Cox Communications, Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-verse in offering SWRV.

“We’re pleased to add SWRV to our comprehensive selection of music stations,” said Chris Fenger, senior vice president of operations for RCN, in a statement. “It’s a groundbreaking form of entertainment that allows our customers to use our digital TV and Internet services to the fullest.”

Among the interactive programming RCN customers can now engage with:

  • Vid-ications – The only program that allows viewers to create video intros or dedications to their family and friends. Utilizing multiplatform technologies, viewers are able to submit video dedications (“vid-ications”) via texting, uploading video online and submitting photos.
  • SWRV Takeover – Here, the viewer creates their own playlist consisting of three videos and becomes the ultimate VJ. Additionally, as the videos are playing, other viewers are encouraged to comment on how good the VJ is. 
  • Majority Rules – Combines the look and feel of comic books and graphic novels into a setting where viewers can vote on a selection of three videos, either online or via texting, to determine the next video to play.
  • Level 10 - The video with the most votes makes it to Level 1 and plays next! As the show progresses and viewers vote via text and online, the rankings will change depending on the number of votes the video receives. The Level 1 video will play next and the Level 10 video will be eliminated. 

“There’s no denying that interactivity is a big direction for TV and SWRV is up to the task of leading that charge," noted Dave Del Beccaro, president and CEO at Music Choice. “It’s clear that today’s generation of music fans are interested in having a say and participating in their programs; we’re excited to be giving them a music video network they can control and be a part of, while also connecting with their friends in their existing social networks.”