Rashad On Course with Back9Network

Ahmad Rashad has joined Back9Network, the golf lifestyle multiplatform media service.

Rashad, the Emmy Award-winning broadcaster who has been working as a co-host of Golf Channel’s Morning Drive, will serve as an executive producer and on-air host of Back9Network. Based in Hartford, Back9Network is a lifestyle multiplatform television network and media company that teed off online last year. Focused on all the things golf fans love about playing and living the game, Back9Network plans to launch its television-programming lineup via cable and satellite in 2014.

In his new position with the Back9Network, Rashad will help shape the new network’s identity and programming, via creative and executive team responsibilities, on-air hosting, and the production and execution of special lifestyle event coverage around golf majors and other venues around the world.  He will continue in his executive producer and host roles for the NBA.

“We are delighted to welcome Ahmad to Back9Network,” said James Bosworth, CEO of Back9Network, in announcing the hire.  “Ahmad’s personal style, love of golf, and desire to grow the game aligns perfectly with the mission of Back9Network.  In addition, Ahmad brings a unique dimension to our network’s programming with his vision and relationships within both the golf lifestyle space and professional sports.”

“Back9Network is a special opportunity that I simply could not pass up,” said Rashad.  “I’m excited for the many possibilities that lie ahead.  Co-hosting Morning Drive was a great experience, and I would like to thank Molly Solomon and the Golf Channel for the past year.”