Rapt Media Returns to Enhance Second Season of 'Banshee'

Rapt Media is working again with Cinemax to enhance the second season of Banshee.

The Boulder, Colo.-headquartered company is using its Interactive Video Solutions Suite in support of the revamped microsite for the crime-thriller series.

Rapt Media’s technology “pairs” its video player with the website, providing a user-driven, personalized experience with over 74 background “Banshee” clips that fill out the season’s story. The experience integrates content from both Banshee seasons, incorporating fresh, updated weekly scenes that provide a deeper exploration of the “story behind the story.” Most video clips offer clickable fields that bring up additional content, such as a comic or quote associated with a video clip. Viewers can follow that pop-up to another video – and, ultimately, to another path – or they can continue watching the current video.

Rapt’s HTML5, Flash-free technology enable series fans to access the content on any mobile device or personal computer, extending the series' enhanced reach.

“We’re excited to work with Rapt Media again this year as we expand and refine the digital experience for the much-anticipated second season of ‘Banshee’,” said Adam Dubov, executive producer/creative director of HBO Digital and Social Media for HBO.com and Cinemax.com. “Rapt Media provided the interactive capabilities, flexibility, and expertise to make the interactive execution quick and easy.”

Noted Rapt Media CEO Erika Trautman: “Collaborating with Cinemax for the first season of ‘Banshee’ was fantastic, and now we’re excited to take that experience to the next level for Season 2. Cinemax has created a one-of-a-kind experience for ‘Banshee’ viewers, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.”