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QVC Peddling ‘Closer’ Bag

The Closer is looking to close some sales on QVC.

The home shopping network will be hawking a specially created version of Brenda Leigh Johnson’s trademark black bag. Johnson is the lead character, a police detective, of TNT’s hit The Closer.

While the bag used on the show is one-of-a-kind, TNT, Warner Bros. Television and QVC are partnering to offer the show’s fans the opportunity to buy the special version of Brenda’s black bag through QVC.

The Closer Tote Bag, at roughly $59, will be unveiled on July 8, and is scheduled to be offered July 21 at 8 p.m. during QVC’s Fall Fashion Designer Gallery broadcast.

“Brenda has become an icon to her diehard fans,” Tricia Melton, senior vice president of marketing for TBS, TNT and Turner Classic Movies, said in a prepared statement. “They’ve asked for a chance to buy a copy of her bag, and we listened. We are thrilled to have developed a relationship with QVC to allow fans of The Closer to have a piece of the show they love.”

The QVC broadcast will include clips from the show, plus behind-the-scenes footage from the series promoting the new season on TNT, which debuts July 14. 

Johnson, as played by Kyra Sedgwick, is a former Atlanta detective who moved to Los Angeles to head a special LAPD unit that solves sensitive, high-profile murder cases.  She is a top-notch investigator and interrogator, but she also has a complex personal life.