Q&A with ‘Todobeb’ Executive Producer Julia Dangond

Todobebé, the Spanish-language multimedia content and licensing property, has tapped Mexican singer and celebrity new mom Aracely Arámbula to host the 2008 edition of the Todobebé TV show, currently in pre-production in Los Angeles and Miami. The TV show, which airs in Mexico, Colombia and Guatemala, was broadcast for 4 years on the Telemundo network, but its producers are negotiating broadcast carriage among “top networks” in the U.S. Hispanic Television Update spoke to Julia Dangond, VP of business development and executive producer of Todobebé, who spoke about the new features included in the upcoming show. An edited transcript follows:

Q: The deal with Aracely Arámbula was widely covered by the Spanish-language media, here and in Latin America, mostly because of the high-profile nature of the new host. How long is the contract with Arámbula for?

A: The contract specifics are confidential but we can say we jointly structured the relationship in a way that it will allow for a long-term mutual collaboration, including initiatives in television, radio, Internet, grassroots outreach, products and more. Aracely is not only playing a role as star talent, she is involved in the creative development process as executive producer.

Q: Where is the show being produced and when did production begin?

A: Pre-production for the pilot is already in full swing. We are taping the pilot in Los Angeles and production will be in L.A. and Miami. We had casting in late November for a child “reporter” and recently began another one for a comedian. We have also started promoting the new show online [www.todobebe.com] for the first reality stories that will be incorporated.

Q: Since its conception in 2004, the Todobebé TV show has included different segments covering issues such as health and lifestyle, pregnancy tips and baby product reviews. Is the new show going to keep the same format?

A: The new format is totally different. For starters, it is going to be a new variety show targeting not only the moms, but the family as a whole. We will have a reality-type segment; another one where we’ll make viewers’ dreams come true, contests, home videos and interaction with celebrity families in a new set with lots of graphics. Aracely Arámbula, who has also signed up as executive producer, will be the main host. Other talent --including Jeannette Kaplun [Todobebé co-founder] and [actress/model] Karen Martínez -- will have new supporting roles, including taping segments outside the studio and interacting with the audience. Also, unlike the previous show, which was 30-minute long, this one will run for one hour.

Q: When and where will it be on the air?

A: Within the next weeks we will be talking with potential distributors in Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, the U.S. and Central America. But the show should be finished taping in February and ready to air in the first quarter of 2008. The terms and conditions of the contract depend on each partner; but I can tell you that in the past we’ve had multiyear contract deals. On Telemundo, for instance, the Todobebé show ran for four years.

Q: Procter & Gamble has signed up as sponsor not only of the TV show but the whole multimedia aspect of Todobebé (online, events, grassroots, etc.). Are there any other brands involved or coming up in the TV show?

A: As we developed the new format, we made sure to leave space for product integration, as we have done in the past. [Besides P&G] we are talking to three other brands, but that should be announced within the next several weeks.