Q Series Sets Cross-Country Trek

Palm Springs, Calif.— Q Television Network’s travelogue show will trek across the country this summer to check in on some major happenings in gay America.

Since its premiere last November, Q on the Move has taken viewers on journeys to meet interesting people, sights and sounds in Seattle, Washington D.C., the Sundance Festival, the Winter Party in Miami Beach and the White Party here.

On his trips, show host Nick Oram has interviewed artists, community activists, athletes, celebrities, and even shared an exclusive, behind-the-scenes view of the presidential inauguration.

Now Q on the Move, which airs Fridays at 6 p.m. (ET), Saturdays at midnight and Sundays at 10 a.m., is gearing up for a cross-country excursion that will find Oram and crew making stops at Gay Day Orlando from May 31 through June 5 before finishing up at San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair from Sept. 25 through Sept. 29.

In between, Oram will check in at the following events: Boston Pride, June 11-12; New York Pride, June 19-26; San Diego Pride, July 25-30; Vancouver Pride, Aug. 4-8; Provincetown (Mass.) Carnival, Aug. 15-21; New Orleans Southern Decadence, Aug. 31-Sept. 5; and Atlanta from Sept. 15-20.

Q on the Move is the only travel show of its kind, produced by the gay community for the gay community,” said Frank Olsen, president and CEO of Q in a statement. “Since its premiere, our host, Nick Oram, has been able to showcase cities across America like no other television program on air.”