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Public Knowledge Pushes Back on Net Neutrality Rule Rider

In advance of a possible vote in the House, perhaps as early as next week, on legislation that would block the FCC's implementation of its new net neutrality rules under Title II, Public Knowledge is asking supporters to make some noise in opposition of that Republican-backed effort.

A rider on a must-pass Financial Services appropriations bill would defund the FCC's enforcement of the new rules, which went into effect June 12. The bill passed the House Appropriations Committee, with rider intact, on June 17.

It called the rider retaliation for the new rules, which it says the public "clearly demanded."

While Public Knowledge said it was hopeful the rider would ultimately be derailed, it was not relying on hope alone. It called on its supporters to contact their representative and to Tweet the following: "Tell Congress not to kill #NetNeutrality in funding bill! @publicknowledge"