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Public Knowledge Praises Deal Conditions

While the group says it was disappointed that wholesale unbundling was not made a condition in the Comcast/NBCU deal, critic Public Knowledge actually had a number of positive things to say about some of the commitments and conditions in the deal.

"From the beginning of this process, Public Knowledge's primary focus has been on the potential for this merger to slow the development of online video as a new choice for consumers," said Legal Director Harold Feld. "We are pleased that the conditions in this merger, if properly enforced, will allow new online competitors to cable to develop, much as satellite service did in the 1990s."

He was also pleased that the FCC had agreed to open a rulemaking on program carriage, and conditions on broadband rates.

While it is not a condition per se, Comcast has agreed to adhere to the network neutrality conditions in the deal whether or not a court overturns the FCC's vote last month to establish rules. "The fact that Comcast signed means, formal or condition or not, that the company will offer an open and non-discriminatory broadband service," he said.