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PTC Survey Says: Majority Wants Indecency Regs

According to a Zogby poll commissioned by the Parents Television Council, 75% of Americans say there is too much sex, violence and coarse language on television and a majority (56%) supports preserving the FCC's ability to regulate it.

The percentage of those who want to regulate it drops sharply for the 24 and under set (30.7%). A federal appeals court earlier this year ruled that the FCC's indecency enforcement regime was unconstitutionally vague and, after getting two extensions from the Supreme Court, the FCC and Justice Department have until April 21 to file an appeal of that decision.

The FCC has said that without some clarity from the court, its hands are effectively tied when it comes to indecency enforcement.

"While the networks continue to argue for their 'right' to air f-bombs in front of kids, a majority of all Americans wants just the opposite - an FCC that can and will enforce broadcast decency laws. We urge the Obama Administration to stand up for parents and families by moving swiftly to appeal the erroneous Second Circuit ruling," said PTC President Tim Winter.