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PTC Love Affair With ‘Pitch’ Hits Bump

A day after praising Fox and its new series Pitch—calling on advertisers to support the family-friendly show—the budding relationship between the Parents Television Council and the network it loves to chastise was back on more familiar footing.

PTC issued a press release Friday in response to the show's Oct. 6 broadcast, saying it opened with a "gratuitous" sex scene before continuing in its family friendly vein and that threatened the show's success and survival.

PTC likened it to opening The Sound of Music with Captain Von Trapp and Maria in bed before proceeding to the family-friendly rest of the movie.

PTC did not threaten any action, instead advising: "Either Pitch is a family show or it is an edgy show. It cannot be both. Adding gratuitous sex scenes to Pitch will only sound the death knell for what otherwise is one of the most positive new fall TV shows for families.”

A Fox spokesperson was not available for comment at press time, but the network rarely comments on PTC pronouncements, including Thursday's high praise for the show.