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PTC to Issue Report on Teen Sexual Objectification on TV

Parents Television Council will issue a report Wednesday on the sexualization and objectification of teen girls on TV.

That is according to a note from the group, which says the study will show the "pervasiveness" of the trend. The content analysis seeks to record how frequently teen girls are portrayed as sex objects, in what context and that those teens' response is in the shows.

Scheduled to participate in a conference call announcing the study is Nicole Clark, former model and director of the film Cover Girl Culture about the effect on young girls is of the focus on super-thin models and the fashion industry's image of a "perfect" body.

"Whether it's a teen-targeted program on TV or a GQ photo shoot of the Glee cast, teen girls (and actresses portraying teen girls) are being coaxed into believing that their value is based on their sex appeal," said a PTC spokesperson.