PTC: Hallmark Has Integrity

The Parents Television Council saluted Hallmark Channel with its “PTC Integrity in Entertainment Award,” the inaugural presentation of the award.

The award recognizes those corporations and individuals that have demonstrated a longstanding commitment to creating, distributing and sponsoring quality entertainment that is free from graphic and gratuitous sex, violence and profanity.

“The Hallmark Channel represents the best in television programming and illustrates that audiences of all ages can be entertained without gratuitous sexual, violent or profane content,” PTC president Tim Winter said. “Broadcasting such family favorites as Little House onthe Prairie, inspiring talk shows such as Naomi Judd’s show Naomi’s New Morning, as well as its superb original movies, Hallmark Channel is truly representative what it means to be a responsible broadcaster.”

Hallmark officials offered their thanks to the PTC.

“On behalf of everyone at Hallmark Channel, I want to express my appreciation to the PTC for being chosen as the first network to be acknowledged with this award for our quality, family-friendly programming,” CEO Henry Schleiff said. “We know that we are filling an unmet need for fun, entertaining shows that the family can watch together, and we intend to provide even more in 2007.”