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PTC Delivers 'Mick' Indecency Complaints to FCC

The Parents Television Council had called on viewers to complain about content in Fox's The Mick and says it has 3,000 such complaints in hand that it has hand-delivered to the FCC.

Specifically, PTC targeted theApril 25episode, which aired at8:30 p.m. ETand had a plotline about a teenager wanting breast implants. It cites not only the general plot line but the phrase "you're working the room like you're mayor of tit town…"

The timing of the hand-delivery is no coincidence, coming the day before an FCC nominations hearing in the Senate Commerce Committee.

“With the Senate hearings over the nominations of Jessica Rosenworcel and Brendan Carr [and Ajit Pai] to serve as FCC commissioners taking placeon Wednesday, the FCC will finally be in a position to act quickly on adjudicating these complaints. Children must be protected from indecent content," PTC said.  

In an interview with B&C, Pai said recently that "so long as [the indecency reg] remains on the books, and the Supreme Court has upheld its constitutionality, it is the duty of the agency to faithfully enforce that provision with respect to broadcast regulations."

Fox declined to comment on PTC's push for indecency complaints.