Programmers Upgrade Skills for the Echo Show

A batch of programmers said they have upgraded their “skills” for the Amazon Echo Show, the new Alexa-powered home hub that features a touch screen and sells for $229.99.

Here’s a snapshot of how programmers are supporting the new product:

-CNBC’s upgrade features a “video flash briefing” tailored for the new platform that features business and market news, updates on stocks, futures and indexes, as well as Cramer  Remix, the digital video series from Mad Money’s  Jim Cramer. Users with the CNBC skill activated can access the latter by saying, “Alexa, ask CNBC for the Cramer Remix,” or “Watch the Cramer Remix.”

-CNN is also updating its skill for the Amazon Echo, Tap and Dot with its own flash briefings, including video clips from CNN soon after they air on the network, updates from New Day anchors Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Caerota, along with curated news. Users can tap in by saying, “ “Alexa, Open CNN.” CNN said it’s also adding a new voice to audio news with CNN Politics reporter and editor-at-large, Chris Cillizza.

-Food Network updated skill for the Echo Show adds a visual component that lets users browse through Alex’s top picks based on searches, select recipes and watch a video of the recipe being prepared. Users also have the option to have the full recipe emailed to them.


-Bloomberg Media has also launched an enhanced skill for that features visuals and video content, including live feeds from Bloomberg TV, U.S. stock prices and world market indices in chart form, market summary videos and Bloomberg flash briefings.