Program Review: 'Sex& Drugs&Rock&Roll'

FX’s new series Sex & Drugs & Rock &Roll definitely lives up to its name in an entertaining fashion.

The series tells the story of a former 90’s rock star Johnny Rock (Denis Leary) and his former band The Heathens. Johnny had a reputation for being a drug addicted, alcoholic rock legend, and the band for various reasons has broken up numerous times.

Johnny -- who is beginning to come to grips with the realizations of his advancing age and the future of his career -- in a chance encounter meets his 25-year-old daughter Gigi (Elizabeth Gillies) and eventually helps her achieve stardom.

Given a new lease on life, Johnny now hopes to bring the band back together just like old times, as well as to form a bond with the daughter he never knew. Set in modern day New York, the whole band lives together in one apartment and becomes a family, albeit a very dysfunctional one. Yet its music and Gigi’s success that holds them all together.

The cast of Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll is very humorous and eclectic, and the music and lyrics in the series is heartfelt. Other cast members include Elaine Hendrix as Johnny’s girlfriend, John Corbett as Flash, and John Ales as Rehab and Robert Kelly as Bam Bam.

While the content and language is for mature adults, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll will be enjoyable for music lovers and 90’s babies everywhere.

Chelsea Anderson
Assistant Content Producer

Chelsea Anderson has been with Future for two years. She started as an intern with NewBay Media/Multichannel News in 2015. During her time she wrote bylined articles and program reviews as well as helped with research graphics for the magazine. She later became News Assistant for Broadcasting & Cable in 2017 until 2020 when she became Assistant Content Producer. Chelsea graduated from Niagara University in 2016 with a Bachelor's in Communication Studies and a double minor in Writing Studies and Sociology.