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Program Review: ‘Annedroids'

Amazon Studios’ sophomore series Annedroids is an entertaining, humorous, educational show that follows the adventures of a young genius, Anne, her friends and the robots she creates, which she calls “Annedroids.”

In this upcoming season, Anne (Addison Holley) and her friends continue with their outrageous adventures around their neighborhood as well as their hangout spot, the junkyard, where all of Anne’s creations come to life. The main goal is to keep the Annedroids from escaping the junkyard and being seen by other humans.

Lessons of right and wrong provide Annedroids with its educational hook. Also, the series demonstrates how one can make something from nothing and how to think on one’s feet. The show’s target audience of 6- to 11-year-olds will learn a lot from these characters through their traits and flaws, while the second season introduces some new characters.

The mix of character traits is humorous and entertaining. For example PAL (Millie Davis), one of the main Anne-droids, is smart but still naïve and curious like a young child, but like a parent Anne guides PAL along by answering all of her questions.

One drawback to the show is the characters often lack understanding of simple vocabulary words that kids of this age should know. At the same time, those and other flaws exhibited by the shows’ characters — including the parents (because who says parents are perfect?) — are what give them a more relatable feel.

Overall, Annedroids is enjoyable and gives viewers a good laugh. The more educational aspects of the show, including the science experiments, are interesting and exciting. Annedroids is creative, witty and fun programming for the whole family.

— Chelsea Anderson