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'Pretty Little Liars' Halloween Special Scares Up 2.8 Million Viewers

ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars Halloween special Tuesday night scared up 2.8 million viewers and drew major social media activity.

The Oct. 23 special also set viewership records for the network’s annual  “13 Nights of Halloween” programming stunt among adults 18 to34 (1.2 million), women 18 to 34 (956,000), persons 18 to 49 (1.5 million), women 18 to 49 (1.2 million), viewers 12 to 34 (2.1 million) and females 12 to 34 (1.8 million), according to network executives.

In addition, Pretty Little Liars special garnered more than 610,000 tweets and was the second “most social” TV series episode on record, drawing 432,948 unique tweeters, according to SocialGuide.