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President's Budget Preserves CPB

As expected, the president preserved funding for the
Corporation For Public Broadcasting in the 2012 budget released Monday. That is
funding Republicans are trying to zero out in their version of a continuing
resolution to continue funding the government through the rest of this year.

The president's own bipartisan budget-cutting advisory
committee co-chairs suggested noncom funding might need to be zeroed out as one
of the hard choices in tough economic times, but the president had indicated he
did not agree with all the recommendations, and that was obviously one of them.

Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.), a longtime supporter of
public broadcasting who had slammed the proposed Republican cut praised
the president, saying the budget "wisely increases funding for the
Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which helps to support the production of
high quality, informative and educational programming produced by locally-owned
and -operated public television and radio stations reaching virtually every
household in our country."

Seton Motley, president of Less Government, thinks it's the
Republican's who are taking the wiser course. "Nothing turns a watchdog into a
lapdog faster than the government buying the dog food," he says. "The
Corporation for Public Broadcasting became the pro-government Corporation for
Progressive Broadcasting the moment it cashed the first government check.
Besides the fact that the spending is unconstitutional, we can't afford