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President Obama: Other Side Prepping Barrage of Negative Ads

On a conference call with some disappointed supporters,
President Barack Obama called on them to continue to work toward what he said
would be "a really close election."

"The other side is ready to release just a barrage of
negative ads," he told them. "They are getting massive checks from
wealthy donors. The good thing is I've got you."

As promised, President Obama Wednesday held a conference
call -- actually an online, listen-only stream -- with convention participants
who had "community" credentials for his acceptance speech Thursday
night (Sept. 6) but could not be accommodated after it was moved from the Bank
of America Stadium in Charlotte  -- capacity
north of 60,000 -- to the much smaller Time Warner Cable Arena.

Some of those had gained their ticket to the show through
the 931 volunteer program, working three nine-hour shifts to register voters.

The convention's last day was moved to TWC Arena under
threat of bad weather, including severe thunder storms, convention organizers
have said, and not because they were concerned about empty seats, as some
Republicans have suggested.

The president advised the volunteers to watch the speech at
watch parties around the country, and those who had made the trip to Charlotte --
at their own expense -- at watch parties being organized around that city. He
also promised to give them a heads up when he or Michelle Obama or VP Joe Biden
would be at events in their areas.

The president said he was sorry they could not be at the
speech, but that he could not have risked trying to get 70,000 people out of
the stadium if there severe thunderstorms. He said it was his desire for
increased access that made the campaign take the chance of an outdoor venue
four years ago in Denver -- it paid off then -- and this week in Charlotte.

He told them that they had done unbelievable work in what
was a close election. "I really need your help, guys," he said. He
also praised First Lady Michelle Obama's speech at the convention, which he
called "unbelievable," while conceding he was biased. He also said
that President Clinton, in his speech, had broken down the issues as
effectively as anyone could.

He did not give them a preview of what he was going to say,
instead encouraging them to tune in.