President Obama To Intro History's ‘Story of Us'

President Barack Obama will introduce America: The Story Of Us on History.
In introducing the new 12-hour series, the president will offer reflections on the spirit and resilience that continue to shape our country, History said.

His remarks will open the premiere episode on Sunday, April 25, at 9 p.m.

According to History, Obama will say that the turning points in American history "remind us that our American story has never been inevitable. It was made possible by ordinary people who kept their moral compass pointed straight and true when the way seemed treacherous; when the climb seemed steep; and when the future seemed uncertain. People who recognized a fundamental part of our American character: that we can remake ourselves -- and our nation -- to fit our larger dreams."
History president and general manager Nancy Dubuc said in a release: "It's an honor to launch our new epic series about the making of America with the personal reflections of our President -- a leader whose own path marks an important chapter in our nation's ongoing story. Our hope is that by reliving the great moments of our history, Americans will reconnect with the spirit that made us who we are and will better appreciate how we all participate in creating our history every day."
New episodes of America: The Story Of Us will air Sundays through Memorial Day, covering 400 years of history.

Produced for History by Nutopia, a production company started by former Discovery Channel and BBC programmer Jane Root, this is the biggest programming event ever at the network.

It includes the most extensive education initiative History has ever launched in connection with a broadcast.

The full series will be made available on DVD to every school and accredited college in the country, and additional educational resources and grant contents will be offered to students, faculty and institutions.

Resources for teachers will be created in collaboration with the Library of Congress.