Powell On NCTA’s 2014 Priorities: ‘Broadband, Broadband and Broadband’

The National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) expects to have a full docket in 2014, but when asked here during the opening general session to boil down the organization's priorities heading into next year, president and CEO Michael Powell identified three: "Broadband, broadband, and broadband."

That's partly because broadband "is still relatively virgin from a policy and regulatory standpoint. It's not really very old," he said in response to questions from Kevin Hart, executive vice president and chief technology officer of Cox Communications.

That relative infancy has generated a "constant drumbeat" on how to evaluate broadband as it's regulated an as high-speed services become increasingly important to consumers, Powell said. "Everything at the end of the day is broadband," he added, hitting on the IP convergence theme that is shaping the show this week.

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