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Political Ad Buys Flood Fox in Cleveland

Campaign ad money is pouring into Ohio and the coffers of
local TV stations that clearly remain the choice of candidates for getting
their local message across. That is according to a spot check of the FCC's
online political file website.

Last week, WellsFargo Securities ranked Cleveland the top market through Sept. 2 at

That total continued to climb this week. For example, WJW,
the Fox affiliate in Cleveland -- Wells Fargo identified Fox affiliates as
having the best "exposure to those spots based on station revenue" -- had
uploaded six political file ad buy postings in the span of an hour midday
Tuesday after a flurry of activity Monday.

For just the Obama campaign ad buys on that one station in a
single market -- files uploaded Monday for ad buys over the next two weeks
-- grossed close to $450,000. Add in some House and Senate race spots whose
paperwork was uploaded to the FCC site by the station Tuesday, and the total
pushed well past a half million dollars, even without the five-figure ad buys
from PACs, unions and others.

Fox was not the only beneficiary, ABC affiliate WEWS, for
example, had six-figures-worth of political spots from the Obama campaign
scheduled for the next two weeks as well.