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Pluto TV Latino Adds 11 New Channels

Viacom’s streaming service Pluto TV said it added 11 new channels to its Pluto TV Latino service.

(Image credit: Pluto TV)

Pluto TV Latino launched in July with 11 channels. With the new channels, Pluto TV offers a total of 4,000 hours of Spanish and Portuguese language programming.

Some of the new channels are based on Viacom brands, such as Nick Latino, Nick Jr. Latino and Spike Aventura. Others are more genre oriented, with a nature channel, Pluto TV Naturaleza; a food channel, Pluto TV Cocina; a travel channel, Pluto TV Mundo; a reality channel, Pluto TV Realities en Espanol and a channel focusing on James Bond, Pluto TV 007 en Espanol and another featuring Dog the Bounty Hunter called Dog, el Cazarecompensas.

The top rated zombie series The Walking Dead is featuring weeknights at 7 p.m. on Pluto TV Estelar and is replayed on the weekend on Pluto TV Cine Terror.

“Over the past year, Pluto TV has been heavily focused on increasing our global reach, weaving cultural resonance and diversity into our programming to appeal to audiences at home and abroad,” said Amy Kuessner, senior VP, content strategy & global partnerships at Pluto TV. “With Pluto TV Latino, we’ve witnessed the rapid adoption of OTT throughout the US Hispanic market and saw an opportunity to do what few others can do, super-serve them with premium content they know and love, in the language they speak.”